Hotels.nl was founded in 2001. We are one of the largest websites for hotel bookings. You can book over 2000 hotels through our website.

Mission statement: Easy going

Escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life starts the moment you land on Hotels.nl. Together with the hoteliers, we create the best deals for fabulous rooms. To further enhance the experience, we offer great extras that are included in the price, such as breakfast, dinner or spa facilities. What’s more, we have many unique deals with complimentary gift items to enjoy in your hotel room and take home afterwards.

Hotels.nl takes away the stress of choosing. We distinguish ourselves in image and in quality.

What does this mean for hoteliers?
We provide the perfect match between your hotel and our hotel guests. We showcase your hotel beautifully, and distinguish ourselves in image and in quality. Hotels.nl is happy to think with you and is able to spot opportunities that can be developed quickly. We are also happy to try out new things with you.

Core values:
Hotels.nl encourages a sense of freedom and space. As a guest, you relax the moment you visit the website. As a hotelier, you experience freedom in working with Hotels.nl. As one of our employees, you experience space.

We prefer to work without rules, we don’t move with the masses, and we dare to go against the grain. Turning right three times also makes a left.

We try new things, learn through doing, and dare to be the first.

We inspire with wonderful products. We look for beautiful hotels. We mainly offer the luxury rooms. Everything is presented with inviting images and texts.

We are enterprising, open to change, and focused on the future.

Facts & Figures:

  • * more than 1,000,000 visitors per month

  • * more than 2,000 affiliated hotels (and growing)

  • * 30 employees

  • * no hidden fees

  • * 0 ties

  • * 2 blocks of cheese and 3 - 4 loaves of bread per day

  • * view of the Hereplein

All contact details can be found on the contact page.


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