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Postillion Hotel Utrecht-Bunnik

Postillion Hotel Utrecht-Bunnik Three stars hotel

Kosterijland 8, Bunnik

8.0 Score of 92 Reviews
Postillion Hotel Utrecht-Bunnik is easily accessible on the A12 motorway, near the city of Utrecht. The hospitable hotel offers free ample parking, a restaurant, and a bar. You can enjoy lovely walks and bike rides along the Utrecht Hill Ridge, which is typical of the regional landscape.
Postillion Hotel Deventer

Postillion Hotel Deventer Four stars hotel

Deventerweg 121, Deventer

8.3 Score of 403 Reviews
The Postillion Hotel Deventer is situated on the outskirts of the Hanseatic City of Deventer. From the hotel the city centre can be reached in 5 minutes by car. The city with its beautiful old buildings and charming streets is wonderfully located near the winding IJssel river.
Postillion Hotel Arnhem

Postillion Hotel Arnhem Three stars hotel

Europaweg 25, Arnhem

7.6 Score of 544 Reviews
The Postillion Hotel Arnhem is just 5 kilometres from Arnhem city centre, close to the A12 and A50 exit roads. The hotel offers a contemporary, comfortable interior and a good restaurant. What's more, the beautiful Hoge Veluwe National Park lies within cycling distance.
Postillion Hotel Amersfoort Veluwemeer Putten

Postillion Hotel Amersfoort Veluwemeer Putten Four stars hotel

Strandboulevard 3, Putten

8.0 Score of 122 Reviews
Postillion Hotel Amersfoort Veluwemeer is an ideal hotel for watersports enthusiasts and those seeking tranquillity. The modern, comfortable hotel has a Wellness Centre, and you can relax in the bar or restaurant with a view of the lake.
Postillion Hotel Haren Groningen

Postillion Hotel Haren Groningen Three stars hotel

Emmalaan 33, Haren

7.6 Score of 147 Reviews
Postillion Hotel Haren Groningen is an excellent starting point for a corporate or leisure visit to the city of Groningen, Assen or another destination in the North of the Netherlands. The hotel is situated along the A28 motorway, only a 5-minute drive from Groningen. Groningen Airport Eelde also lies within walking distance.
Postillion Hotel Dordrecht

Postillion Hotel Dordrecht Three stars hotel

Rijksstraatweg 30, Dordrecht

8.3 Score of 173 Reviews
Postillion Hotel Dordrecht lies on the edge of Dordrecht, close to the A16 and a stone's throw from De Biesbosch. The modern hotel has a restaurant, a hotel bar, free WiFi, and ample free parking facilities.

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