198 Hotels in Limburg

Kasteel Wittem

Kasteel Wittem Four stars hotel

Wittemer Allee 3, Wittem | Map

9.0 Score of 8 Reviews
Wittem Castle is a luxury hotel, brasserie and petit conference centre located in the beautiful hills of the province of Limburg. The castle is surrounded by a 3 acre monumental park with castle gardens and moats. Comfort and peace characteristize this hotel.
Hotel Asteria Venray

Hotel Asteria Venray Four stars hotel

Maasheseweg 80a, Venray | Map

8.2 Score of 25 Reviews
Hotel Asteria is located in Venray, the most beautiful part of the area 'Peel' where you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings on various walking and cycling routes. The hotel is equipped with all comforts that will make your stay a great success.
Hotel De Oolderhof Roermond

Hotel De Oolderhof Roermond Four stars hotel

Broekstraat 35, Roermond | Map

8.8 Score of 189 Reviews
Hotel de Oolderhof is located on the banks of the small lake Oolderplas and nearby the little village Herten. Guests of this hotel may expect a luxurious and very comfortable stay in the conveniently decorated suites. At 50 metres from the hotel suites lies the restaurant-reception building.
Hotel Wilhelmina Venlo

Hotel Wilhelmina Venlo Three stars hotel

Kaldenkerkerweg 1, Venlo | Map

7.6 Score of 18 Reviews
Hotel Wilhelmina is located across from the train station in Venlo, a city in the province Limburg. Many satisfied guests have been welcomed to this old-fashionedly good hotel, with its excellent restaurant. The city of Venlo offers culture and entertainment and the surroundings offer nature and quiet.
Hotel Puur Venlo

Hotel Puur Venlo Three stars hotel

Parade 7a, Venlo | Map

7.6 Score of 12 Reviews
Hotel Puur Venlo is a trendy and stylish hotel in the centre of Venlo, a lively city in the province Limburg. The hotel offers excellent service at an excellent price. The train station is within walking distance. The German border is 5 kilometres away.
Golden Tulip Apple Park Hotel Maastricht

Golden Tulip Apple Park Hotel Maastricht Four stars hotel

P. de Coubertinweg 3, Maastricht | Map

7.8 Score of 13 Reviews
The Golden Tulip Apple Park Hotel in Maastricht is located in an area that is rich in nature, but Maastricht's lively city centre and the MECC conference centre are also within close reach. The hotel offers its guests a taxi service to these locations at a sharp price.
Fletcher Landhotel Bosrijk Roermond

Fletcher Landhotel Bosrijk Roermond Four stars hotel

Maalbroek 102, Roermond | Map

7.7 Score of 24 Reviews
Fletcher Landhotel Bosrijk Roermond started as a small-scale hotel in the 1950s and has grown to the status of a luxurious hotel. Its facilities are modern and its service is of an old-fashioned high quality. From the hotel guests can walk right into the woods. The city Roermond is approximately 5 kilometres from the hotel.
Hotel en Brasserie de Zwaan Venray

Hotel en Brasserie de Zwaan Venray Four stars hotel

Grote Markt 4, Venray | Map

8.6 Score of 9 Reviews
Hotel de Zwaan Venray guarantees a pleasant stay at a reasonable price. The hotel has 10 spacious rooms, all of which have been given a personal touch.
Hotel Crasborn Thorn

Hotel Crasborn Thorn Three stars hotel

Hoogstraat 6, Thorn | Map

7.8 Score of 13 Reviews
Hotel Crasborn is located in the middle of the centre of Thorn. The beautiful white family-run hotel fits right into the character of this 'white town'. Enjoy the hospitality of the staff and taste one of the regional specialities in the restaurant. The hotel also has an outside terrace.
Hotel De Roosterhoeve Roosteren

Hotel De Roosterhoeve Roosteren Four stars hotel

Hoekstraat 29, Roosteren | Map

8.3 Score of 10 Reviews
Hotel de Roosterhoeve is located in a rural area in the middle of the province of Limburg. The towns of Geleen and Roermond are only 20 kilometres away and Maastricht is just 35 kilometres away. The hotel offers excellent facilities. Guests can make free use of the swimming pool, sauna and steam bath.
Golden Tulip Weert

Golden Tulip Weert Four stars hotel

Driesveldlaan 99, Weert | Map

7.5 Score of 117 Reviews
Golden Tulip Weert lies within 200 metres of Weert railway station, on the edge of the town centre. The deluxe hotel has everything in store to ensure guests have a pleasant stay. Excellent and friendly staff, fantastic food and wonderful beds are what characterise this hotel.
Oranje Hotel Sittard en Appartement

Oranje Hotel Sittard en Appartement Three stars hotel

Rijksweg Zuid 23, Sittard | Map

7.5 Score of 7 Reviews
Oranje Hotel Sittard en Appartement is located in the lively historic centre of Sittard, within walking distance of the shopping centre and the central station. The hotel offers excellent facilities at a friendly price, combined with the hospitality that characterises the province of Limburg.
Hotel Den Halder Valkenburg

Hotel Den Halder Valkenburg Two stars hotel

Emmalaan 12, Valkenburg | Map

7.5 Score of 5 Reviews
Hotel Den Halder Valkenburg is situated in the popular town by the small river Geul in the south of the hilly province of Limburg. The cozy hotel is a perfect base for exploring the beautiful surroundings. You can make lovely walks and bike and motorcycle rides.
Bed and Breakfast Leudal Haelen

Bed and Breakfast Leudal Haelen Zero stars hotel

Napoleonsweg 5, Haelen | Map

8.9 Score of 14 Reviews
Bed and Breakfast Leudal lies in the village of Haelen in the province of Limburg. Guests can stay in a spacious apartment. Explore the Leudal countryside by following one of the walking or cycling routes, or enjoy a day out on the water on the Maasplassen lakes. Designer Outlet Roermond can be reached within a 10-minute drive from the B&B.
Hotel Au Quartier Maastricht

Hotel Au Quartier Maastricht Three stars hotel

Kapoenstraat 32, Maastricht | Map

8.0 Score of 11 Reviews
Hotel Au Quartier in Maastricht is an intimate and comfortable 3-star hotel with a historic character. It therefore fits right in with the surrounding Jekerkwartier, a picturesque part of the city centre. The hotel's location makes it very easy to reach many of the old town's attractions, restaurants and lively outdoor terraces.
Hostellerie Munten Weert

Hostellerie Munten Weert Four stars hotel

Wilhelminasingel 276, Weert | Map

8.0 Score of 5 Reviews
Hostellerie Munten in Weert offers guest the attractive combination of modern luxury in a monumental building with a rich history. Good service and friendly staff are characteristic of this country hotel, as well as comfortable rooms and a restaurant with excellent cuisine.
Fletcher La Ville Blanche Thorn

Fletcher La Ville Blanche Thorn Three stars hotel

Hoogstraat 2, Thorn | Map

7.1 Score of 16 Reviews
Fletcher la Ville Blanche is located in the beautiful white town of Thorn. The hotel offers the hospitality, culinary expertise, and free and easy lifestyle that characterises the province of Limburg. Besides a restaurant and a terrace the hotel offers a bar in the cellar.
Fletcher Hotel Valkenburg

Fletcher Hotel Valkenburg Three stars hotel

Bosstraat 2-6, Valkenburg | Map

6.7 Score of 23 Reviews
Fletcher Hotel Valkenburg lies in an area that has many hills and valleys, castles and ruins. Valkenburg is a popular tourist destination and is known mainly for the marl quarries and the caves. Also, the spa Thermae 2000 at the top of the hill Cauberg is popular with visitors.
Hotel Arcense Herberg Arcen

Hotel Arcense Herberg Arcen Three stars hotel

Lingsforterweg 49, Arcen | Map

8.3 Score of 15 Reviews
At Arcense Herberg you can enjoy a peaceful stay within woody surroundings offering an abundance of walking and cycling routes. The village centre and the beautiful castle gardens are only 500 metres away. And a day at the thermal spa of Thermaalbad Arcen is also highly recommended.
Kruisherenhotel Maastricht

Kruisherenhotel Maastricht Five stars hotel

Kruisherengang 19-23, Maastricht | Map

8.8 Score of 11 Reviews
In the centre of Maastricht lies the impressive Kruisherenhotel. This design hotel is formed by a former 15th century monastery and a gothic church. Besides three lounge corners the hotel offers a wine bar. From the hotel you can easily walk to the cosy terraces at the Vrijthof square and the shopping streets.
Motel de Heek Valkenburg

Motel de Heek Valkenburg Three stars hotel

Hekerweg 5, Valkenburg | Map

7.6 Score of 5 Reviews
Motel de Heek can be found in the rural surroudings of Valkenburg. Guests stay in a comfortable studio. The Cauberg with its castle ruin and the Gemeentegrot cave are within easy reach. By car you can also visit cities such as Maastrich, Aachen or Liège.
Bed and Breakfast De Hofnar Maastricht

Bed and Breakfast De Hofnar Maastricht Zero stars hotel

Keizer Karelplein 13, Maastricht | Map

8.0 Score of 18 Reviews
Bed and Breakfast De Hofnar Maastricht is ideally situated in the heart of Maastricht. It overlooks the beautiful Keizer Karelplein, a square which lies around the corner from the charming Vrijthof square. This beautifully renovated town house offers pleasant guest rooms.
Herberg de Tramhalte Roosteren

Herberg de Tramhalte Roosteren One stars hotel

Kasteel Terborchstraat 1, Roosteren | Map

7.5 Score of 5 Reviews
Herberg de Tramhalte Roosteren is located close to the Belgian border, near the A2 motorway between Geleen and Roermond. This friendly village hotel has a homely, informal atmosphere thanks to its owner. At the hotel guests can enjoy a good meal and a quiet night's sleep at a reasonable price. The historic town of Thorn lies in the vicinity.
Hotel Merici Sittard

Hotel Merici Sittard Four stars hotel

Oude Markt 25, Sittard | Map

8.8 Score of 26 Reviews
Hotel Merici Sittard is a place of dreams for those looking for tranquillity and culture. This renovated former cloister is located in the centre of the Limburg city of Sittard. The hotel offers an oasis of peace and order, which is perfectly complimented by luxury and modern facilities, such as a shuttle service to Maastricht-Aachen Airport.
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