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Map of Cobra Museum in Amstelveen

Cobra Museum in Amstelveen

The Cobra Museum was designed by Wim Quist, the well-known Dutch architect. It is thought to be one of the most beautiful museums in the Netherlands. The museum is located just outside of Amsterdam, at the Sandbergplein in Amstelveen. In front of the museum is a statue created by Karel Appel, one of the founders of the Cobra art movement.

The artists belonging to the CoBrA movement aimed to work in a direct and spontaneous manner. In doing so, they used bright colours as well as a great deal of imagination. They were also experimenting with many different materials. As well as painters, the CoBrA movement also consisted of photographers, video artists, sculptors and poets, all sharing similar artistic viewpoints.

The CoBrA movement was founded 1948 and dissolved a few years later in 1951. Despite its short existence, the movement was still responsible for making a breakthrough in modern art in the Netherlands. The founders longed for a change in society after the Second World War. People should be equal and art should be for everyone. The CoBrA movement is named after the first letters of the cities where the founders came from: Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam. As such, their symbol became the cobra snake.

Cobra Museum in Amstelveen

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