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Map of Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum Amsterdam

Hash, Marijuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam

The Hash museum opened its doors to public in 1985 and is located right in the middle of the famous Red Light District. As such, it attracts quite a crowd.

Here, you can discover a world of information about these plants. The large number of pictures and posters will give you a good impression of the cultural, religious and medicinal aspects of the plants. The museum also houses a collection of traditional pipes.

The plants and the use of soft drugs often cause controversy. But, what many people don't know is that hemp is also used to make rope or paper. And as with nettles, hemp can also be used to make environmentally friendly clothing.

The accompanying souvenir shop sells these clothing articles, as well as smoking paraphernalia and even seeds from which you can grow your own plants. You can also see the different stages in growth in these plants in the small museum garden.

Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum Amsterdam

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