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Map of Amsterdam Centraal Station

Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Centraal Station (Central Train Station) was the first Dutch railway station desgined by architects instead of engineers. P.J.H. Cuypers and A.L. Van Gendt chose to build the Central Station in a Renaissance style.

The building of the Central Station was founded in 1889. But before the building work could start, they first created three small isles in the river IJ. Ferries now travel across the river connecting the city centre with Amsterdam North.

Amsterdam Central Station is a large junction where trains arrive and depart both nationally and internationally. For example, it has direct connections with Berlin and Paris.

Many trams, buses and underground services also depart from here, providing a good connection to the inner city and the suburbs.

For timetables and ticket information about trains you can visit

Timetables for public transport in Amsterdam can be found on

Amsterdam Centraal Station

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