8 Hotels in Vlieland

Hotel Zeezicht Vlieland

Hotel Zeezicht Vlieland Three stars hotel

Havenweg 1, Oost-Vlieland

8.7 Score of 18 Reviews
Hotel Zeezicht lies directly adjacent to the main street of the village of Oost-Vlieland, and is just a 1-minute walk from the ferry. You can enjoy lovely dishes at the restaurant or on the outdoor terrace. The lovely walking and cycling paths across the dunes and through the woods make Vlieland a perfect holiday destination.
Hotel DoniaState Vlieland

Hotel DoniaState Vlieland Three stars hotel

Badweg 2, Oost-Vlieland

8.5 Score of 27 Reviews
Hotel DoniaState is a splendid hotel that opened its doors in 2008. The hotel has a unique location in the middle of the woods, and is a mere 5-minute walk away from the village of Oost-Vlieland and a 10-minute walk away from the beautiful North Sea beach.
Hotel De Herbergh van Flielant Oost-Vlieland

Hotel De Herbergh van Flielant Oost-Vlieland Three stars hotel

Dorpsstraat 105, Oost-Vlieland

8.4 Score of 53 Reviews
De Herbergh van Flielant is a modern, small-scale family-run hotel in a beautifully renovated historic building on the Frisian island of Vlieland. The ferry from Harlingen will take you to the island within 2 hours, and Vlieland's ferry terminal is within walking distance of the hotel. This island is a perfect holiday destination, offering sea, beach and peace.
Hotelletje de Veerman Vlieland

Hotelletje de Veerman Vlieland Two stars hotel

Dorpsstraat 173, Oost-Vlieland

8.8 Score of 12 Reviews
Hotelletje de Veerman is situated in a quiet part, at the end of the village street; a 15-minute walk from the ferry terminal. Here you can enjoy a view of the lighthouse and the Wadden Sea, or head out on a wonderful bike ride through the dunes and the woods.
Hotel de Kluut Vlieland

Hotel de Kluut Vlieland Three stars hotel

Berkenlaan 18, Oost-Vlieland

8.0 Score of 9 Reviews
Hotel de Kluut is a homely hotel on the lovely Frisian island of Vlieland. Here you can enjoy a peaceful stay and still be within walking distance of the village and the ferry terminal. Explore the island on foot, by bike, or spend a relaxind day at the beach.
WestCord Hotel de Wadden Vlieland

WestCord Hotel de Wadden Vlieland Three stars hotel

Dorpsstraat 61, Oost-Vlieland

8.2 Score of 10 Reviews
WestCord Hotel de Wadden is a beautifully situated hotel on the Frisian island of Vlieland. You can opt for a comfortable room, some of which offer a seaview. The attractive family-run hotel places a strong emphasis on luxury, comfort and friendly service. It's also a great starting point for exploring this stunning island.
WestCord Strandhotel Seeduyn Oost-Vlieland

WestCord Strandhotel Seeduyn Oost-Vlieland Four stars hotel

Badweg 3, Oost-Vlieland

7.9 Score of 12 Reviews
The WestCord Strandhotel Seeduyn enjoys a unique location on the Frisian island of Vlieland. Situated on the first row of dunes, the hotel overlooks the North Sea and a large stretch of beach. The hotel has 4 stars and accordingly offers 4-star comfort and facilities, ensuring you a pleasant stay.
Loods Hotel Vlieland

Loods Hotel Vlieland Zero stars hotel

Dorpsstraat 3, Oost-Vlieland

7.9 Score of 5 Reviews
Loods Hotel Vlieland offers fantastic views of the Wadden Sea and comfortable rooms. From the hotel, you can easily reach the stunning dune area and white beaches of the Frisian Island of Vlieland. For some variation, you’ll also encounter many lovely shops, cafés and restaurants surrounding the hotel.

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