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Mooirivier Dalfsen
Oude Oever 10, Dalfsen

Hotel Mooirivier is uniquely situated in the Vecht region. You can easily reach Ommen and Dalfsen from the hotel and a 15-minute drive will take you to Zwolle. Read your book in a lazy armchair by the river or in the spacious lobby of this atmospheric hotel. Take walking and cycling trips through the charming Vecht region or even canoe downstream towards the village of Dalfsen.

Het Roode Hert Dalfsen
Hessenweg 41, Dalfsen

The Hotel Restaurant Het Roode Hert lies in the Vechtdal in Overijssel, a place exuding peace and quiet. There are various estates and castles in and around Dalfsen that are well worth visiting. The village is situated along the river Vecht and offers many cosy outdoor terraces and shops. What's more, its beautiful surroundings feature plenty of walking and cycling routes, through the woods and along the river. The hotel is situated on the village outskirts, not far from the charming town of Ommen and the historic city of Zwolle.

Hotel Hof van Dalfsen
Haersolteweg 3, Dalfsen

The lovely surroundings are perfect for long walks and cycling trips. Guests can rent bikes at reception, which can then be stored in the bike shed in the evening after a long and relaxing day out. The reception also offers free maps featuring many walking and cycling routes.