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Hotel de Lindeboom Texel Den Burg
Groeneplaats 14, Den Burg

Den Burg lies in the middle of Texel and houses approximately half of the island's population. The area is a popular tourist attraction and offers a large variety of shops. There are also plenty of possibilities for venturing out on walking and cycling trips through charming villages and splendid dunes. Texel is renowned for its sheep, providing important export products in terms of meat and cheese.

Boutique Hotel de Smulpot Den Burg
Binnenburg 5, Den Burg

Boutique Hotel De Smulpot is situated in the centre of Den Burg on the West Frisian Island of Texel. The stylish hotel is an excellent choice if you want to spend time on the beach and visit the island's many little villages. What's more, the hotel has a good restaurant, which serves a delicious lunch and dinner.

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Koogerend Texel Den Burg
Kogerstraat 94, Den Burg

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Koogerend is near Den Burg's historic centre. Its white façade with striking red roof tiles is typical of Texel. The hotel's interior décor is entirely in keeping with its natural surroundings. The beach, the sea and the sun are Texel's key ingredients. This beautiful island boasts the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands. Plus you'll find plenty of lovely shops and charming outdoor terraces in the villages of Den Burg, Den Hoorn, Oosterend and Oudeschild.