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Hotel Het Witte Paard Etten Leur
Oude Bredaseweg 15, Etten-Leur

Hotel Het Witte Paard Etten Leur is a cosy family-run hotel, which was opened in 1983 and never been closed again! It is located in the town where Vincent van Gogh learned to draw and where his father used to preach in a small church, the present-day 'Raadszaal' (council hall) of Etten-Leur.

Vincents Bed & Bistro Etten-Leur
Markthof 1, Etten-Leur

Vincents Bed & Bistro Etten-Leur lies in the centre of Etten-Leur. In addition to 25 comfortable rooms, the hotel also has a charming Bistro and Bar, which is open throughout the day. Etten-Leur is known as the place where Vincent van Gogh began his career. The area is great to explore by bike. You can bring your own bike and store it securely at the hotel, or hire a bike locally.

Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Trivium Etten-Leur
Trivium 72, Etten-Leur

Fletcher Wellness-Hotel Trivium Etten-Leur is a modern hotel offering a perfect setting for relaxation. As a guest, you can enjoy admission to the BLUE Wellness Trivium with saunas, a steam cabin, cooling baths, a bubble bath and infrared emitters. A variety of treatments and massages using the unique product 'Cenzaa' are available by appointment. Swimwear is not permitted in the spa. Towels and slippers are required in the spa. (A surcharge applies for the spa if admission is not included in a package).

Het Turfschip Etten-Leur
Schipperstraat 2, Etten-Leur

Opposite Het Turfschip (The Peat Boat) lies the Leurse Haven; the historical departure point of Adriaan van Bergen's peat boat. In 1590, using Adriaan van Bergen's peat-filled boat, Prince Maurits captured the city of Breda from the Spaniards. A boat trip across these historically significant waters is therefore certainly worth the effort. You can also enjoy a lovely cycling trip through the woods and polders in the vicinity of Etten-Leur.