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Hotel Nijver Geldrop
Heuvel 1a, Geldrop

Hotel Nijver offers more than just relaxation. Geldorp’s history is defined by hard work in areas such as the textile industry and the Peijnenburg cake factory. This notion is something of paramount importance at the hotel. The hotel’s surroundings breathe the romantic, traditional and industrious qualities of Geldrop’s working life.

De Brabantse Boerin Geldrop
Bogardeind 223, Geldrop

Hotel de Gouden Leeuw Geldrop
Korte Kerkstraat 46, Geldrop

Directly upon arrival in Hotel de Gouden Leeuw Geldrop you'll notice the deluxe, trendy and warm atmosphere. The old building has been exquisitely restored, preserving the characteristic elements. This ambience is carried through into the hotel rooms, which all come with a unique interior. The rooms are also equipped with conveniences including comfortable box-spring beds a luxurious ensuite bathroom with a shower, a toilet and toiletries. Moreover, the rooms feature a television, a radio alarm and a telephone.