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Hotel Noordzee Katwijk
Boulevard 72, Katwijk

A stay in Hotel Noordzee Katwijk means enjoying the fresh sea air on the beach or in the dunes. The beach is 4 kilometres long and even on the most tropical of days it's still possible to find a quiet spot. Katwijk is surrounded by vast dunes and a beautiful lake and polder area. Walkers and cyclists will love it here!

Hotel Zee en Duin Katwijk aan Zee
Boulevard 5, Katwijk aan Zee

Hotel Zee en Duin lies on the boulevard of Katwijk aan Zee. A 3-star beach hotel with a splendid view of the North Sea. Shops and cafés are only 5-minute walk away in Katwijk's charming centre. There's plenty to see and do here: endless shopping, a walk on the beach and enjoying the murmur of the sea. Still fancy a trip further afield? Hotel Zee en Duin is the ideal starting point. For example, it's easy to travel to historic Leiden, and an absolute must are the celebrated flower gardens of the Keukenhof in nearby Lisse.

Nicolette Appartementen
Voorstraat 3a, Katwijk aan zee