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Groningen, 10th February 2016 awards Van der Valk Hotel Uden-Veghel as the 'Best hotel in the Netherlands!'

Van der Valk Hotel Uden-Veghel was voted the best hotel in the Netherlands in 2015 through the booking site All hotel guests who have stayed in a hotel via are invited to write a review about their experience of the hotel. From the 1st of January through to the 31st of December 2015, over 40,000 reviews were completed. With an impressive average review score of 8.9, based on 335 reviews, Van der Valk Hotel Uden-Veghel was declared by guests to be the best hotel in the Netherlands.

The top 3 best hotels in the Netherlands are:

Van der Valk Hotel Uden-Veghel
Hotel de Wageningsche Berg
The Manhattan Hotel Rotterdam has handed out a total of 30 awards, including the best spa hotel, the hotel with the best suites, and the best coastal hotel. Curious to see the top 10 and the stand-out hotels in all categories? Then click on the following link to see all award winners:

On 19th January 2016, Front Office Manager, Emma Notenboom of Van der Valk Hotel Uden-Veghel proudly accepted the award, presented in person by the owner of, Kees Eldering.

The remaining awards were also personally presented by to the various hoteliers. presents these awards to thank the best hotels in the Netherlands for their successful cooperation and to express their appreciation.

All prize-winning hotels are selected on the basis of reviews written by guests. The General Manager of, Nettie Anderson, on the importance of these reviews:

"We believe it's very important to listen to our guests and want to thank them for completing and sharing their reviews. Guests who book through are very serious when it comes to writing reviews, and this is evident in the long and detailed descriptions we receive every day. This allows us to guarantee quality and to give future guests an honest idea of what they can expect from the hotel they book."

It is the mission of Groningen-based to give hotel guests a wonderful and relaxing experience from the moment of booking. Easy Going, is what stands for! With over 2,000 affiliated hotel partners, has spent 15 years creating the best offers for the most beautiful hotel rooms to ensure its motto 'Easy Going'.


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Groningen, 29th December 2014 is pleased with the verdict against misleading advertising and dishonest
commercial practises in the hotel sector.

On the 23rd December, 2014, the Court of The Hague ruled against misleading advertising in the travel industry. For consumers this means: no more surprises with unexpected additional charges and no more disappointments with advertised low prices that turn out to be higher when making the booking.

Additional booking fees, administration fees, auction fees... all familiar terms for consumers booking a hotel through the Internet. The price that appeared to be so low upon first sight, actually ends up being higher with these extra charges.

With this decision the court adheres to the regulations of the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) and rules in favour of the claimant, the advertised price must be bookable. All fixed unavoidable charges must be included in the price advertised, and variable unavoidable charges must be clearly displayed next to it.

Recent publications and press releases concerning pricing policies in the travel industry illustrate the interest of the public and the need for implementing change. As such, it is expected that this ruling will attract a lot of attention, with the consumer being the winner!

The verdict in detail:

  • Fixed unavoidable charges (such as fixed booking fees and service charges, fixed mandatory cleaning charges, and in some cases city tax) must be included in the price advertised;
  • Variable unavoidable charges (such as variable booking fees and service charges, variable mandatory cleaning charges, and in some cases city tax) must be displayed in a transparent manner next to or under the price advertised without requiring the consumer to carry out an action;
  • From prices or starting prices that are not actually bookable are no longer permitted;
  • This verdict not only applies to offers on the websites of respective providers, but also to other forms of enticement to purchase in newsletters and online advertisements/banners.

The claimant in the case is, a company with its own hotel booking site committed to transparency and openness with regards to hotel bookings. The owner, Kees Eldering, is pleased with the verdict: “We know from customer contact that a transparent pricing policy is valued. We believe that consumers should be able to see honest prices and be able to compare prices.”

The defendants are Hotel Booker (with the websites and and These parties must comply with the court ruling within 4 weeks of pronouncement. This verdict may eventually hold relevance as a precedent for the travel industry as a whole.

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