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Hotel Landgoed Ehzerwold Almen
Ehzerallee 14, Almen

Situated in the stunning _Achterhoek_ region, Hotel Landgoed Ehzerwold forms an oasis of peace. It consists of two hotel wings with 114 modern twin rooms and a suite, each equipped with every comfort. You will find the hotel on the outskirts of Almen, with its village square and 14th century church. The nearby Hanseatic towns of Zutphen and Deventer are definitely worth visiting as well. The surrounding area is characterised by flowery meadows, orchards and lakes. Countless walking and cycling routes will lead you through scenic areas such as the _Landgoed Velhorst_. This estate, with its many characteristic farms with brightly painted shutters, has been financially supported by the Dutch Foundation for Nature Monuments since 1972.

Landhotel de Hoofdige Boer Almen
Dorpsstraat 38, Almen

The name of the hotel refers to the poem De Hoofdige Boer, that the poet _A.C.W. Staring_ wrote in 1820. The poem is about a stubborn (_hoofdige_) farmer, that rather waded through the water than using the newly built bridge.