Yotel Schiphol Airport

Zero stars hotel 98.9%of guests recommend Yotel Schiphol Airport

Vertrekpassage 118, Schiphol Map 0.9 km (Inside Amsterdam Airport Schiphol)

Score of 352 reviews: 7.9

Do you have a long transfer time at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or would you like to rest after check-in? Yotel Schiphol offers a comfortable solution, which is also ideal if your flight is cancelled or delayed, or if you're not in possession of a visa for the Netherlands. It is also possible to stay at the hotel the night prior to your flight.

The hotel is located behind passport control. As such, in order to access the airport's secure transit area you must have an outbound flight departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol within 24 hours as well as your hotel booking confirmation.

If you're arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol by plane you can only stay at Yotel if you have a connecting flight either on the same day or the following day.

You'll find the Yotel cabins situated behind passport control on the second floor at the beginning of Pier D in Lounge 2 (in the customs area, not the public area). The departure gates are just a few minutes away. The hotel rooms are fitted with deluxe beds, attractive lighting and a flatscreen television. The monsoon rain shower in the bathroom will ensure you'll feel ultimately revitalised after your stay. Hotel guests can also make free use of wireless internet.

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Behind customs at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol you'll find several shops selling tax-free products as well as restaurants, a casino and several comfortable snooze chairs. Schiphol can easily be reached by train; it only takes about 15 minutes to reach Amsterdam. If you arrive by car you can make use of one of the short-stay car parks or one of the special long-stay car parks depending on the duration of your stay.

Food & Drink

Drinks, snacks and meals are available 24 hours a day. Yotel does not have a restaurant or a bar, but you'll find several good places to enjoy a nice dinner or a drink behind customs; as well as a casino.


from 18:00
until 08:00
Number of rooms
FREE! Guests can make free use of wireless internet at the hotel.
Children/extra beds
It is not possible to place an additional bed/cot in the hotel room.
Car park
The hotel does not have a private car park.
Smoking policy
The entire hotel is non-smoking.
Not allowed.
24-hour reception, Breakfast, Cable Internet, Internet, Free WiFi. On request: Disabled rooms.

Important information

Attention! To get to Yotel make your way to Departures 2, near Pier D. Use the escalators next to the information desk to get to the top level where you will find the YOTEL entrance behind the food court. Please note: If the ''transit area entries" (passport control) in Departure 1 and 2 are closed, please continue to Departure 3, where you can enter 24/7. In order to go through to the transit area you will be asked to provide your YOTEL booking confirmation, proof of an outgoing flight within the next 24 hrs and your passport/ID card. Once inside please follow the signs directing you to Pier D and YOTEL. There isn't a security check at this point so luggage (including liquids) can be brought to YOTEL.If you are in transit between two flights with through-checked baggage to your final destination, you will not require a visa.Please note: Your credit card will be charged immediately after booking. This amount will automatically be reimbursed to you should you cancel your booking in time.

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  • (Travelling alone)
reserve not registered inthe system
  • reserve not registered inthe system. I show my reserve number and name at 1am and these don t appear in the system. I must to wait up to 3am to enter in the hotel. When i discover my booking email (the reservation was made by another people), already was 3am. the people was very kindly, but the system... very poor.
  • * my tip all its fine.
  • (Travelling alone)
Somewhere to lay your head
  • + I particularly like that there are multiple contacts, and a variety (Dutch, English and American) available. Coffee and tea available at all times.
  • It really is a bit tricky to find and not all staff at Schipol know about it. Then in the morning you have to go back through baggage reclaim and drop your bag off for your flight. But that s a minor inconvenience.
  • * my tip I just wanted somewhere to lay my head before an early flight - I didn t need food or entertainment. It was perfect.
  • (Travelling alone)
  • + Very convenient and efficient.
  • Small rooms but did fill my need for overnight accomodation.
  • (Travelling alone)
quiet, clean, practical cabin
  • (Other)
satisfactory for my purpose
  • I could not find the light switch in the dark After 10 frustrating minutes another customer came along to show me. On my return to the airport it took me quite some time to find the hotel as there were not too many people around at that time !
  • (Travelling alone)
Yo boss hotel where's the sushi?
  • + Love this place - great idea to rent pods by the hour! Lock the door, close the blind and relax with decent TV and reliable broadband.
  • No sushi.
  • * my tip If arriving late, you'll need to find a friendly member of airport security to show you the way. But that's ok - this is The Netherlands and it's busiest airport DOES have friendly security staff!
  • (Young couples)
Enjoy Amsterdam and Schiphol form Yotel Schipol
  • + Yotel is located in the hart of Schiphol airport, is quiet, easy to get various food, buy many things at duty free shop and less worried to be late to check in.
  • To get in or get out the hotel we must go through immigration, a little bit problem for people outside EU.
  • * my tip There should be a MAP (not only description) which showing how to get in or get out the hotel as the hotel is inside the airport and must go through the immigration
  • (Travelling alone)
  • + Small, but convenient. Easy check-in.
  • * my tip If you checked- in after 9 pm many restaurants and cafes nearby are likely to be closed. However, you can call front desk and they will deliver a meal.
  • (Travelling alone)
Great for the weary traveller
  • + Very useful stop over hotel within airport, great for those who either need a few hours rest between flights or if waiting over night for connection
  • Pay a premium for location
  • (Travelling alone)
  • + Good place to stay for a transit at Schipol Airport. Easily accessible inside the airport terminal. No visa required.
  • Price is very high considered the facilities. Also the room and shower area are very congested.
  • (Travelling alone)
  • + Excellent help from the staff. They were outstanding
  • * my tip Easier booking as most customers arrive from their flight so check in time and date does not follow an "easy to book for a night" system. I arrived in the early hours of Sat ? Sun am. I booked for the wrong day. The staffwere incredibly helpful
  • (Other)
Ask for instructions how find the Yotel from your point ofentry point
  • + Location was the best, meaning it was right in the airport. No need for taxi or shuttle service.Room is as stated on the web, small but just right for one night., very compact and clean. To my surprise theTV had many channels in english.
  • It would be nice if the location was on the location information board. I walked around looking for signs and directions as listed on the web site but I had to ask many persons to get to the Yotel. Going back out to find my airline checking counter was not so easy. more clear directions would help using the same language for example there is no "PIER D" there is a "GATE D" though.
  • (Travelling alone)
Very pleased and happy for location and easy
  • + Great service, very good location
  • none
  • * my tip prepare for small room like on a submarine
  • (Travelling alone)
Overall good hotel for staying at airport but little costly
  • + Location is biggest advantage with this hotel
  • Cabin was to small and very difficult to fit in in case you have big luggage.
  • * my tip It is situated at the airport so every thing to eat is around. And you can go out t oAmsterdam Central also via passport control which is bit of pain.
  • (Travelling alone)
The choice for convenience
  • + Convenient for early flights, being right at the airport
  • Small space -- best for traveling alone Had some difficulty getting checked in
  • * my tip Behind passport control in the airport, so be prepared for that
  • (Travelling alone)
Spend a little more and go else where
  • + Just too small, I knew it would be tight but if there was a foot added in each direction , it would make a little difference.
  • Hassle getting in and out of airport with baggage
  • (Travelling alone)
Recommended location, but too small
  • + If you are really in need, the location and the practicity are the principal plus points.
  • Too small.
  • * my tip If it1s possible, please try another one.
  • (Travelling alone)
Good resting place
  • + Strategically located. Comfortable for transit passengers with long waiting time.
  • The restaurents at the airport close for few hours in the night. This inconveniences transit passengers with odd timings. The hotel may stock up eaables.
  • * my tip Good place to take quiet rest
  • (Travelling alone)
Yotel schiphol airport
  • + Really like the set up of the room is was cosy and used the space effectively, the shower was amazing!!
  • Due to its location no hotel bar or chill out area and due to everywhere in the terminal closing at 9 not much really to do
  • * my tip Juccie juggle bar in the terminal
  • (Travelling alone)
Avoid early morning shuttle stress
  • + Great option for early flights. Front desk helpful and knowledgeable. They deliver what they promise.
  • A bit tricky to find. Shampoo/soap product offered smells awful.
  • (Travelling alone)
Comfortable, quiet, good location.
  • + Great location for waiting for flight. Also very quiet could not hear anything outside the hotel.
  • Very small bunk for price.
  • * my tip Cannot check in until after 1800. Need to pay in full when you check in.
  • (Travelling alone)
Very convenient, albeit somewhat pricey & hard to find.
  • + Main bonus is its location inside the terminal, saving you lots of time and effort when checking in for your flight the next day. Proximity to food hall also handy, plus the 24 hr reception and the selection of snacks they have there, albeit limited. Staff very helpful.
  • Finding the Yotel is not exactly easy. No signposts whatsoever and I had to ask at least three KLM staff before finding it. If you have check-in luggage, you have to take this to your hotel room and ask passport control staff to let you through the control area. Not convenient when you have to do it all in reverse when you leave the Yotel! Also, 76 Euros for a tiny cabin was way overpriced. An option to check-luggage before checking in to Yotel really should be arranged asap!
  • * my tip When going BACK through passport control (IF you have luggage to check in) speak with an official, show your invoice from the Yotel and ask him to let you past the (huge) queues. Then find your right check-in desk. Mention the inconvenience and time-wasting aspect of this to KLM and Yotel staff, and they might have the sense to improve it if enough people complain!
  • (Travelling alone)
Very convenient and cosy.
  • + Very convenient, very cosy.
  • Heating seemed to vary a lot, and not always in line with the temperature that I tried to set. I also had a problem in that my airline would not let me book my bags in the night before my flight, so I had to get up earlier than I'd hoped to exit the departure lounge, check in my bags, and return to the departure lounge. I imagine this is a problem associated with the airline/airport, but it would be very useful if this could be addressed for times when I have more than just hand luggage.
  • (Other)
The Yotel is perfect for a nights rest before an early flight.
  • (Travelling alone)
Price, Comfort and Internet - great for my one night stay
  • + Given that most hotels were booked because of IBC the price was excellent. The bed was comfortable and the free internet access was a bonus.
  • (Friends)
Convience,safety,and comfortable
  • + I had everything I needed and it was comfortable.I also felt safe.
  • (Other)
  • + Awesome location if your luggage is checked in before you stay
  • Had to explicitly ask for a bill via email after the stay
  • * my tip Watch out, almost all food places in the airport close at 10pm!
  • (Travelling alone)
what an experience- I really liked it and will use the hotel if in AMS
  • + very well kept and clean - very organized. clerk very helpful indeed.
  • none at all
  • * my tip very friendly
  • (Travelling alone)
Quick and clean
  • + Good when you're off with an early flight.
  • Would have been even better if it was located behind security.
  • (Travelling alone)
  • + couldn't be any nearer to your departure gate
  • Very small cabins and the shower is not fully enclosed resulting in wet floors
  • (Travelling alone)
Expensive noisy and extremely small
  • + Located in the hotel terminal 2 is a plus point. The fact that you can hire the room by the hour is also another plus point, but for me that's where the plus points end.
  • Extremely small, a capsule more than a room. Drains and toilet sucked like an aircraft loo and it wasn't just mine I could hear. I had a very broken night of sleep and woke feeling like I had just got of a double transatlantic flight. I was absolutely lagged before I stepped onto the plane. This system may be good for a few hours but awful for an overnight stay. The design is good but too much crammed into too small a space.
  • * my tip If you are staying overnight pay extra and stay at a proper hotel. If not then make sure to ask for the free earplugs at the reception. They are on offer for a reason.
  • (Travelling alone)
compact but comfortable
  • + clean, good location. comfortable bed
  • flushing toilet from other location was extremely loud and disturbing in my room.
  • (Travelling alone)
Stress free accommodation at the Airport, Brill
  • + Inside the Airport, which took the stress from queuing at passport control. Convenience, would use it again and recommend it.
  • When you order breakfast for 7am you need it for 7am. I had to call twice before it arrived at 7.30!!!!
  • * my tip Make your signage clearer, it took me ages to find it.
  • (Travelling alone)
  • + Convenience
  • Check in - Did not receive email receipt.
  • (Travelling alone)
Recommend for overnight stay close to departures
  • + Very convenient and comfortable
  • Heating controls did not work. Lack of guidance on control panel
  • (Travelling alone)
ok if you need to be at the airport early.
  • + Airport Convience and room .
  • WI FI signal was too weak and did not work in my room. I am guessing due to the fact that my room was the furthest from the galley/receptionist area. No wash towel.
  • * my tip Dont count on advertised FREE WIFI working and bring your own wash towel.
  • (Travelling alone)
  • + position, internet connection, power plugs of different standards
  • even though it was fairly clean it looked dirty.
  • * my tip it's fine if you have to stay overnight for a connection flight.
  • (Travelling alone)
Excellent hotel for a layover stay
  • + Very Clean and comfortable
  • None
  • (Travelling alone)
Convenient but not particularly cheap.
  • + Easy access to all the facilities in the airport and a quick check-in for your flight. Great range of TV channels for English viewers. Better than the hotels I've stayed in within the Netherlands.
  • Quite expensive considering the size of the room and the facilities offered. At an additional 10 or 20 Euro one could stay at a larger hotel. The floors get wet all over when taking a shower. Should at least provide a bathroom mat or an additional towel to mop up the water splashes everywhere.
  • (Families with young children)
Very good location, child friendly, good value ;)
  • + Very cute room.. My 3 yr old boy enjoy the room as soon as he step in. It is very small room but you got everything what you need. This is very good for those who got very long layover specialytraveling with kids. And the price is good as well.
  • (Travelling alone)
convenient location, clean and quiet
  • + very quiet, vlean and comfortable
  • would liked to have had 2 towels in room
  • (Travelling alone)
Short stay for the next fly
  • + location. location, location
  • just one towel (you have to ask for more). no hairdryer - you have to ask for it.
  • (Older couples)
  • + information desk refused to take uro note 200 cash as she daid that note is not accepted . un less we can accept note 100 ?why ?
  • (Travelling alone)
interesting and convenient with a few irritations
  • + very convenient, great idea.
  • room was very warm and did not cool down. Buzzer from above sounded like intermittent alarm clock all night. Needs a hand towel and a floor mat so you don't get water all over the center floor.
  • (Travelling alone)
Small neat rooms are great!
  • + I like the smallness and neatness of the cabin rooms :-)
  • The light is so cold! Could you put in warmer-tinted TL lamps? Or halogene lamps?
  • (Travelling alone)
very pratical, perfect for people who need to go to the airport
  • (Travelling alone)
email bill not yet received
  • + Location
  • ⢠When I checked out I asked for a bill -- I was told it would be sent to me by email -- it did not yet arrive at my email address even though my credit card has been charged. ⢠At the time I made my reservation online I was told that the cost of my accommodation would be euros 65, but I have been charge euros 69 on my credit card.
  • (Travelling alone)
  • + Very convenient.
  • Little space.
  • (Travelling alone)
Apart from my comments OK.
  • + Bed very comfortable.
  • No explanation of where the light switch was and how the "controls" worked. Nothing to wipe water up from shower where it had splashed outside the shower area. Floor was slippery and I slipped and fell. This condition could be quite dangerous!
  • (Travelling alone)
Get it if you want to take a shower and get some sleep before flying
  • + Location at the airport right by the gates.
  • It it littly pricy plus the Hotel wanted to charge me an extra 5 Euros just for useing my credit card number.

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